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Create a link to Microsoft Offer Remote Assistance and get another free support tool

Remote Assistance When using Microsoft Remote Assistance to help users in a company (why not it’s free), it can be helpfull to have a shortcut to Offer Remote Assistance somewhere handy. But for some reason the only way to find Remote Assistance is by going thru Help in Windows XP. You can however make a small shortcut your self, simply by creating a shortcut and pasting the following link in it. In Vista you can even install a gadget with the Offer Remote Assistance form in it.

Remote Assistance might not be the easiest thing to get working, but once it works it is a nice support tool to have and the best part of it is its free, it comes preinstalled in your clients, so why not use it? Even if you have something else running it is still a free tool to use just in case. Read the rest of this entry »