Usefull links

IT-Experts - Danish forum for IT pro's helping each other with almost any problem.

TestExchangeConnectivity - A very usefull tool for debugging Exchange 2007 external connectivity problems.

TestOCSConnectivity - Again a sweet Microsoft tool for testing and debugging Office Communication Server

Google - The ultimate tool for finding solutions - enter error -> get solution.

blueSSL - Guidance, sales and support og SSL certificates at a fair price.

FairSSL - Dansk vejledning, salg og support af SSL certifikater.

Online SSL Test - Test your SSL installations, finds MD5 and Debian bugs, missing intermediates and lots of debug info.

The Virtual Troll - A good friend and expert VMware consultant - Heino Skov blogs about virtualization.

You Had Me At EHLO - One of the best ressources online for Exchange guides and how to's.

Dropbox - Great tool for sync'ing files between computers and securing data online for free

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