About Sole Viktor


About Sole Viktor

I started in the IT industry in 1996 as the first system administrator in Jubii A/S, Denmarks largest internet content provider, now owned by Lycos Europe.

Since then I have worked as a Microsoft Infrastructure consultant, primarily with Windows Server, Active Directory, Exchange, ISA, OCS and many other products. Today my primary work areas include design, analysis, migration and implementation projects, including technical project management. I have multiple Microsoft certifications, including MCSE/MCTS/SBS, alltough I am usually too busy to take as many as I would like.

Currently I work as a freelance infrastructure consultant, thru the company NOTyours ApS.

In my spare time I am an active PADI Master Instructor and DDI Instructor Trainer, teaching scuba-diving from entry level to professional levels. I am also on the board of Disabled Divers International as the Director of Training, where my focus is on improving teaching materials and standards for disabled scuba-diving. I enjoy traveling and I have lived in other countries several years.

Currently I live with my wife in Malmö, Sweden.

Feel free to contact me at sole@sole.dk

About the blog

This blog is a ressource for all the lazy system administrators or IT consultants out there. Not the type that would rather play World Of Warcraft instead of working (ok bad example, lots of thoose around), but the one that prefers automated and efficient solutions, the one that will google the best way to solve a problem, instead of setling with restarting a server every day. In other words the right solution needs less time doing manual work, in turn equals more time having fun on YouTube, World Of Warcraft, FaceBook or something else like driving motorbikes and diving.

Hopefully the information in this blog, will help others save time so they can spend it elsewhere. If You appreciate the time and effort put into writing this information, make sure you comment and let me know, this way you encourage me to add more.

I am also looking to do some longer articles some time in the future – If You have information that can help me with this, I will be glad to hear from You.