Windows Server 2008 Core Configurator

Core ConfiguratorWindows Server 2008 allows for setting up the server with a much smaller foot print and some will discuss even more secure environment because there is no GUI, the edition is called Windows Server 2008 Core.

The downside is all configuration of the server has to be done thru command line interface, it is also possible to RDP to a core server and get the command line interface.

But a clever guy named Guy Teverovsky created a very smart user interface to do basic configuration of a Core server. The program he made however was removed because his employer claimed rights of the software made while working for the company.

The software is still available on the internet and now there is even an updated version from the company he worked for.

Smart-X have released a new updated version with a free personal license and a pay license edition. The software can be downloaded from

The old software can still be found on the net by searching on the internet.

Either way the software makes basic configuration of a Core server alot easier. Enjoy!

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