VBScript to automatically remove a Novell client and save your feet

Novell LogoAdding to my remote Novell migration and removal toolkit, is here below a VBScript that can be used during a migration or as a login script to automatically remove the Novell client from a computer. Of course I dont know if this will work with all versions, but for me this worked to remove Novell in all the editions I encounted, without any tears or use of my feet. The downside of not having to uninstall the Novell client manually from all 2.500 computers, in this migration project is that I seem to be gaining in weight!

It goes without saying, the user used for running the script must have administrative rights, the computer definately wants to be rebooted when done, also I recommend removing any novell printers, shares, iPrint, ZenWorks, etc. before removing the actual Novell Client. And You most definately use this script at your own risk!

Please let me know if this helped you any, and if you do use the code, just write a comment here , letting me know the info was usefull 🙂

''' You may use this script and parts of it as you please, all that I ask is that you give a small thank you note 0n my blog <a href="http://www.sole.dk">www.sole.dk</a>
''' Enjoy and use at own risk!

On Error Resume Next ' We dont like users finding out we cant program!

Set objReg=GetObject("winmgmts:!root/default:StdRegProv") ''' Registry access
Set WshShell = WScript.CreateObject(”WScript.Shell”) ''' used For executing a command line command

''' I would like to know what version of Novell this is, only to find out if i uninstalled it successfully.
''' You may remove this if you dont care
Key = HKLM
SubKey = "SOFTWARE\Novell"
ValueName = "CurrentVersion"
KeyType = REG_SZ
objReg.GetStringValue Key, SubKey, ValueName, Value

WScript.Echo "Novell found - version = " & Value
If IsNull(Value) Then
    WScript.Echo "Is Novell installed?"
    WScript.Echo "Removing Novell Client, please wait."
    WshShell.Run "%WINDIR%\system32\NetWare\Nwmigw2k\setupw2k.exe /u ms_nwspx", 0, True ''' 0 minimized, true wait for completion
    WshShell.Run "%WINDIR%\system32\NetWare\Nwmigw2k\setupw2k.exe /u ms_nwnb", 0, True
    WshShell.Run "%WINDIR%\system32\NetWare\Nwmigw2k\setupw2k.exe /u ms_nwipx", 0, True
    WshShell.Run "%WINDIR%\system32\NetWare\Nwmigw2k\setupw2k.exe /u nw_wm", 0, True
    WshShell.Run "%WINDIR%\system32\NetWare\Nwmigw2k\setupw2k.exe /u nw_ndps", 0, True
    WshShell.Run "%WINDIR%\system32\NetWare\Nwmigw2k\setupw2k.exe /u nw_nwfs", 0, True
    ''' Check and see what version we have now - hint we should not have any!   
    objReg.GetStringValue Key, SubKey, ValueName, Value2
    If Value = Value2 Then
        WScript.Echo "Oh no! Failed uninstalling Novell... help!"
        WScript.Echo "Novell is gone!"
    End If
End If
Set objReg = Nothing
Set WshShell = Nothing

6 Responses to “VBScript to automatically remove a Novell client and save your feet”

  • Brian Krause:

    You Zenworks and Client removal scripts work great!!! Many thanks!

  • mike:

    thanks lot…worked like a charm.

  • Dann:

    Good stuff Sole, thanks for putting this together.

  • Thanks for a very nice and instructive Zenworks removal script! We removed 200+ ZfDAgent 7.x using CCM without our users beeing aware!

  • Denis:

    What has to be changed to get that Script working at Windows 7??
    An answere would be very nice.

  • Sole:

    I didn’t use the script for Windows 7, so I do not know what would be needed.
    If it is a 64bit edition, do not forget to check paths in both x86 and 64bit program files folders…
    If the machine uses UAC protection, remember you need permissions while running the script to be able to uninstall programs.

    Other than that, you will need to describe your problem before I can help you more. Sorry.

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